Repertoire Paartanz


Tanz                                                                Musik                                             Choreo


Sea Shells                                          Blue Night                                             Dan Albro

Billys Dance                                      San Francisc o                                        Pierre Mercier
Oh Suzanna                                       Oh Suzanna                                            Guylaine Bourgades
Yonder Comes A Sucker                   Yonder Comes A Sucker                         Rolf H.Günther
La Chapelloise                                  Oh Lonesome me                                   Unbekannt
Long Long Way                                  Long Long Way                                        DJ Dan &Wynette Miller

Just For You                                       Two Pina Coladas                                   Brian Banbury

Feel Free                                             Bellamy Brothers                                   Bill Gallagher
In Love with me                                  I can"t keep in love with me                  Gilles Labrecque
Cotton Eye Jo                                                        Cotton Eye Jo                                         Unbekannt!
Colorado Cha Cha                                                Jede Cha Cha Musik                               Unbekannt!
Cirlce Twenty                                                       Gonna get a life                                       Unbekannt!
Cookie                                                                  Dance above the Rainbow                      Jacky Cremer
Western Barn Dance                                            Wild Wild West                                       Dick Matteis

The Flying Scots                                                  Voices of The Highlands                         John Sharman&PeterCranwel

Butterfly                                                               Memory    Alan Jackson                         Unbekannt

Sixteen Step                                                          Tall Tall Trees              



Repertoire Linedance



Achy Breaky Heart/ Four Corner                             Bill Ray Cyrus                                          Unbekannt

All Wound Up                                                          All in The Country                                                                                   

Alligator Rock                                                          See you Later Alligator                            Todd Lescarbeau    

A1  Catalan                                                               Jimmy Reeves Billy Bayou                      Rose Grimmer



Bossa Nova                                                               Jane Mc Donald                                         Phil Dennington                                                                                                                             

Boot Scootin Boogie                                                Brooks&Dunn                                            Bill Bader

Black Coffee                                                             Black Coffee                                              Helen O`Malley

Blue Train                                                                 John D Loudermilk                                                              

Bare Essential                                                           Bar Essentiel                                              Carly Dimond

Bible Belt                                                                  Bible Belt                                                   Virnia Barjaud

Broken Heart                                                            My Next Broken Heart                               Leo Boomen

Beer For My Horses                                                 Beer For my Horses


Calm After The Storm                                              The Common Linnits                                   John&Yvonne Snijders

Cucaracha                                                                  All You Ever Do is Bring me down            Hank&Mary Dahl

Cowboy Charleston                                                                                                                        Jeanette Hall/Tonva Miller

Cabo San Lucas                                                         Cabo San Lucas                                           Rep Ghazali

Country Roads                                                           Hermes House Band                                    Unbekannt

Cowboy Boogie                                                         Walk of Live /The Fireman                         Kelly Burkhardt

Cowboy Dance                                                           Thank God For The Radio                        

Copperhead Road                                                       Copperhead Road                                       Unbekannt

Chattahoochee                                                            Alan Jackson                                               Unbekannt

Chica Boom Boom                                                     Alex Swings Oscar Sings                           Vikki Morris

Coastin                                                                        Lord of The Dance                                     Tina&Ray Yeoman

Canadian Stomp                                                         Any Men Of Mine                                       

Cumbia                                                                       El De Los Negros                                       Bennie Jansen

Cut A Rug                                                                   Roll Back The Rug                                    Jo Thompson &Rita Thompson

Cowgirl Twist                                                             Cowgirl Twist                                             Bill Bader

Cripple Creek                                                              Cripple Creek                                             Kip Sweeney             

Cheyenne                                                                    The Spirit of The Hawk                              Unbekannt

Country Walkin                                                           Old Pop In An Oak                                 

Chasing Down A Good Time                                      Chasing Down A Good Time                     Dan Albro


Dizzy                                                                            Dizzy                                                           Jo Thomson

Dont you wish                                                              Dont you wish is was True                          Daisy Simons

Doctor Doctor                                                              Bad Case Of Loving You                             Masters In Line


Every Cotton Pickin´Morning                                     Every Cotton Pickin´´Morning                   Steve Mason


Fishers Hornpipe                                                         David Schnauffer                                        Val Reeves

Foot Boogie                                                                 Anyway the Wind Blows                             Ryan Dobry


Going Back West                                                         Going Back West                                         Werner Hotz

Good Time                                                                   Good Time                                                   Jenny Cain

Grundy Gallop                                                             Sold                                                              Jenny Rockett

Galway Girl                                                                 Galway Girl                                                  Chris Hodgson

Go Shanty                                                                     Micaela Erlandsson Svensson                    

Good Time                                                                   Alan Jackson                                                 Jenny Cain

God Blessed Texas                                                      Little Texas                                                    Shirley K. Batson   


Hearts and Flowers                                                       Hearts and Flowers                                       Adrian Churm

Hill Billy                                                                       Hill Billy Rock Hill Billy Roll                     Rod&Lorraine Gent


It Hurts                                                                          It Hurts                                                          Gordon Elliot

Irish Stew                                                                      Irish Stew                                                       Lois Lightfoot


Jailhouse Rock Creole                                                  Jailhouse Rock                                               Double Trouble

Just A Minute                                                               Wait A Minute                                                Eddy Ainswort/Lee Birks

Just Because                                                                  I Just Call To say I love you                          Jo Thompson&Rita Thompson

JR                                                                                  All You Need Is Me                                       Gabi Ibanez


Lindy Shuffle                                                                 I need More of you                                        Jane Wyle

Long Long Way                                                             Long Long Way                                             Anna Picerno

Line Dance Party                                                           Line Dance Party                                           Dave Sheriff

Little Black Book                                                         Little Black Book                                          Unbekannt                                


Mamma Maria                                                               Mamma Maria                                               Frank Trace


Not Fair                                                                          Not Fair/ Black Pearl                                    Gudrun Schneider

Neon Moon                                                                     Neon Moon                                                   Unbekannt


One Step forward                                                           One Step Forward                                         BettyWilson&Charlotte Lucia

Oklahoma Breeze                                                           Does the Wind blows in Oklahoma              Jane Wyle

On the Road Again                                                         On The Road Again                                      PeterMetelnick&Alison Biggs


Pizzericco                                                                       Think of me                                                   Dyinamints Dot

Pick A Bale                                                                     Pick A Bale of Cotton                                  John Littleton


Ridin                                                                                Riding Alone                                                Dave Ingram

Rock Paper Scissors                                                        Rock Paper Scissors                                      Maggie Gallagher

Rose A Lee                                                                      Rose A Lee                                                    Preben Klitgaard

Red Hot Salsa                                                                  Red Hot Salsa                                                Christina Browne


Sticks and Stones                                                             Sticks and Stones                                           Annie Saerens

Speak to the Sky                                                              Speak to the Sky                                             Keith Davies

Shakin Mix                                                                      Shakin Stevens  Hit Mix                                 Yvonne van Bahlen

Single Waltz                                                                     Roses of my Heart                                           Unbekannt

Stardust                                                                            Baby likes to Rock you                                   Unbekannt       

Stroll A long Cha Cha                                                     I just Wanna Dance with You                          John&Jeanette Sandmann

Sweet Little Liza                                                              Sweet Little Liza                                             L.D.Ducker

Smokin Armandillos                                                        Let Your Heart Lead your Mind                     Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

Sweet Lovin                                                                     Sweet Lovin -Sigala                                        Dirk Leibig                   

Stray Cats Strut                                                                Stray Cats Strut                                               Unbekannt                                            



Tush Push                                                                          Every Little Thing                                          James Ferrazanno

The Road Less Travelled                                                  Graeme Conners                                             Anna Picerno

Tango with The Sheriff                                                     Cha Tango                                                       Adrian Churm

Toes                                                                                   Toes                                                                 Racheal Mc Enaney

The Trail                                                                            Trail Of Tears                                                  Judy McDonald

Tennessee Waltz Surprise                                                  Ireen Sheer                                                      Andy Chumbley


Urban Livin´                                                                       Live To Love  another Day                           Val Meyers


Wanna Be Elvis                                                                 Wanna Be Elvis                                               John Dean

White Rose                                                                         White Rose                                                     Gay Theather

Wave on Wave                                                                   Wave on Wave                                                Alan G. Birchall