Repertoire Paartanz




Sea Shells                                         

Billys Dance                                     
Oh Suzanna                                                                       
Yonder Comes A Sucker                  
La Chapelloise                                                                 
Long Long Way                                                                       

Just For You                                                                       

Feel Free                                                                            
In Love with me                                                
Cotton Eye Jo Mix                                                                    
Colorado Cha Cha                                                     
Cirlce Twenty                                  
Western Barn Dance                                                     

The Flying Scots                            


Sixteen Step                                                   



Repertoire Linedance



Achy Breaky Heart/ Four Corner         

All Wound Up                                                                                                                              

Alligator Rock                                     

A1  Catalan                                                       



Bossa Nova                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Boot Scootin Boogie                                   

Black Coffee                                          

Blue Train                                                                                           

Bare Essential                                                

Broken Heart                                        

Beer For My Horses                                 


Calm After The Storm                       



Cowboy Charleston                                                                                

Cabo San Lucas                                                                                  

Country Roads                                                                              

Cowboy Boogie                                                         

Cowboy Dance                                                                          

Copperhead Road                                                                                   


Chica Boom Boom                                                                  


Canadian Stomp                                                                                        


Cut A Rug                                                         

Cowgirl Twist                                             

Cripple Creek                                                                  


Country Walkin                                                                                      

Chasing Down A Good Time                              



Dont you wish                                                                                    


Every Cotton Picking Morning            


Fishers Hornpipe                                                                                   

Foot Boogie                                                                             


Going Back West                                                                                   

Good Time                                                                                                         

Grundy Gallop                                                                                                        

Galway Girl                                                                                        

Go Shanty                                                                                      

Good Time                                                                                                         

God Blessed Texas   

Gypsy Queen                                                                                       


Hearts and Flowers                                                            

Hill Billy                                                                         


It Hurts                                                                              

Irish Stew                                                                   


Jailhouse Rock Creole                                                  

Just A Minute                                                     

Just Because                                                                  



Lindy Shuffle                                                         

Lonely Drum                                                                                           

Long Long Way                                                                                 

Little Black Book                                                                    


Mamma Maria                                                                                        


Not Fair                                                                              

Neon Moon                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pick A Bale                                                                       



Rock Paper Scissors                                                                 

Rose A Lee                                                                                                            

Red Hot Salsa                                                                                                       


Sticks and Stones                                                        

Speak to the Sky                                                          

Shakin Mix                                                                   

Single Waltz                                                    

Stroll A long Cha Cha                                                   

Sweet Little Liza                                                                               

Smokin Armandillos                                                          

Sweet Lovin                                                                            

Stray Cats Strut                                                                                                                                   



Tush Push                                                          

The Road Less Travelled                                                                      

Tango with The Sheriff                                                                                                                            Toes                                                             

The Trail                              

Tennessee Waltz Surprise 


Urban Livin´                                                        


White Rose                                                                                                   

Wave on Wave